Malcom 1V King of the Scots.
A charter of from the twelfth century shows that Malcolm IV lived in Banff in 1163, at this time a castle was being built in Banff to protect the area against Viking assault, so it is probably no coincidence that Malcomb was staying around Banff at that time.
Scotland from the twelfth century was divided into Sheriffdoms the sheriffs being servants to the crown in 1264 Banff’s first sheriff Richard de Strathewan was recorded.
King Robert II King of the Scots.
In 1372 Banff was granted Royal Burgh status by King Robert II. A royal burgh was a Scottish burgh which had been founded by, or granted, a royal charter.
Although Banff was a busy market town it did not have its own harbor until 1775.

Across the river Deveron lies the fishing port of Macduff and to cross over the Deveron we cross a seven arched bridge completed in 1779 by John Smeaton the “father of civil engineering” who among his many accomplishments is famed for the design of the Eddystone Lighthouse